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Author on Astrology Woodborou gh Rd. Fellow, Royal Society of Gr eat Britain. President, Psy chological Corporation N. Psychiatrist-San Francisco, Ca lif. Claude William. Mary E. Edou ard. Fellow, A. London, England. COBB, Stanwood. Writer, Publis h e r, L ecturer-Titus v ille, Pa.

Daniel P. Psychi c I n ves tiga t or-Boston, Mass.. Russell H. For m a ny years pastor of the B a ptist Temple in Phila delphia ; Philanthropis t. Irving S. John Edgar. Journalist, Editor, Author E. Maude N. COUE, Emil. Author, Lecturer, Investigator, Psychic Phenomena. Elmer E. Author, Psychologist, Psychotherapist,. Clark St. Tenth St. England; b. Came to London in in connection with the London Times.

Homer, B. Box , San Francisco, Calif. Allerton S. Psychic Investigator-Washington, D. New York. Author, Lecturer, Editor, Publisher. Father, James Rodell; mother, Catherine Eastwood. Gustave E. Danelson of Varnamo, Sweden, June 19, No children. New Managing Editor N. August 11 , , at Bloomingrove, Orange County, N. Philosopher, Seer, Author. Was twice married. First wife died November 2, May Love, a divorcee. In obtained diploma of M. Editor and Publisher, "Psychic World" N. Box , Station "0," Los Angeles, C'allf.

Lausanne, Switzerla nd. President, Psycho-Physical Society of Warsaw. Cesar Bandi Ritter. Paris, France. Psychologist and Metaphysician. September 6, , in New York City. Legal, literary and scientific training; degree of LL. Edgerton and publish ed "Common Sense" Magazine. Maud Pra tt Messner. A uthor of books a nd booklets. See Book List Cherry St. Berlin, Germany. December 12, married George W ashington Glover. Son born September, June 21, , married Dr. D a niel Patterson. J a nuary 1. Pupil of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby. Founder of "Christian S cien ce" movement.

W, Author, Spiritual Investigator. Frederick, D. Author, Lecturer, Mystic. Michigan Blvd. Man chester, England.

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Gustave, F. Progressive Indepe ndent Explorer and Author-P. Box , Washington , D. In charge of Buddhist Shrine in London, Sec. London -lOla Horseferry Rd. Westminster S. London, England, Hon. F ellow A. Fernberger, Prof. Samuel W. Editor ''Psychologica l Bulletln"-Princeton, N. Editor, "Unity," maga zine- Tenth and Tra cy Aves.

Born F eb. Astronomer, Philosopher, Psychical Res earcher, Author. Outsta nding books, "Death and Its Mystery" in three volum es, I. Duncan U. Psychical Inves tigator, Pres. Unive rsity of Ge n eva, Switze rland. Editor, "How" Haight St. Vi ce-Pres. Institute of Phrenology N. Author and L ecturer Spruc e St. See "Achad. Theosophical Society India in Wales. Emeritus Prof. Occultist, Author, Publisher, Hon. Gunn ersburry, London, W. Editorin-Chi ef, "La Science d e!

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Lect u r er on Vita lic Culture W. A c tive metaphysical studies began a t Geneva with Profs. Flournoy and Lemaitre. Establish ed "Revue Metapsychique," by-monthly. Editor, "Der Frledensreich-Bote" G erma ny. Said "Physical Research Is by far the most important work that is being don e in the world. Bernard, New York. Me mbe r "Socie t! Lorraine de Psyoholog! Anna L. Superintendent, Bureau of Lyc e ums, of the Nat'! Astrologlan, Editor, "Astra le W! Society f or Psychical R esearc h; Hon.

Vice -Pres. GOW, David. Editor, - ''Light" magazlne5 Queen Sq. Fellow A. Clark S t. Author, Num erologist and Heale r, Pres. Louis, Mo. R eligious and Social W elfare Worker, Pres. Na t'! L a boratory of Psychical Res ea r ch London. Psychica l Resea r cher High St. Leader of Buddhism InGerm a ny-Leipzig.

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Born Darwin, Lanca shire, England, Nov. Trance L ecturer. Spiritualist Assn. Bureau of Educa tion, Nat'!

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Spiritualists Assn. Author, Lecturer and Publisher Warburton Ave. Louis Pine St. Inventor of the "Wa nda" tipping table-Los Angeles, Ca lif. Otoman Zar-Adusht. Hill St,. Los Angeles, Calif. P sychic Investigator. A uthor, Investigator. Emil Clifford. Physician, Occultist, Author.

Astrologia n, Pres.

Box , U. M ichiga n Av e. Author on Rozlcruclan1 lsm and Esoteric Subj ects. Founder, The Rosicrucia n Fellowship, Mt. Eccl esia, Oceanside, Ca lif. E cclesia , Oceans id e, Ca lif.. Editor, "Ins plra tor" E. Publish er-Editor, "Immorta lity" - E. Edi tor, " P ractical Astrology" Mark et St. HILL, J. Myrtle I. Editor, "The Inner C ircle' ' maga zine. Richard, A. Author, Lecturer, Seo. Edgar L. Discover er of "Odic Ray" Troost Ave. John Haynes. City, U. Munich University, Pres.

Conven ed committee to investigate electronic r eactions. The diagnostic m a chine used In t his ca s e was a varia tion of the Abrams dyn a miser, Invente d by Dr. Trea s. Magic ian, Psychic Investiga tor, Author W. Numerolo gist, Editor , "Psychonumero" So. Los Angeles St. Editor, "Good Wllll" m agaz ine-Melbourne , Austra lia. HYDE, Sr. Banker, Psychic Inves t! Dakota, U. Aldrich Ave. Society for Psychical R esea r ch a nd executive h ead, until his d eath In , A uthor.

S ee Book! Co-Editor, " P s ychologica l R eview of Reviewl!! SpirIt ua l Allian ce of the U. Member, Nat'! Author, Lecturer, Vice -Pres. Victoria n Assn. Publish er, "Fortnightly Field Notes" of unbiased comments So. David Starr. P a lo Alto, Ca lif. Co -Found er with Hereward Carrington, Ph. Psychical Institute and Laboratory W. Family Estates, at Raykull, Esthonia. I was thinking: "What else they libeled on Russians". But I could not. I want to thank you for the truthful information on Russian women. Honestly, when I heard the words "Russian bride" before, I was feeling a kind of disguise, like Russian women were selling themselves abroad for food, better life and so on.

I am a Russian wife abroad, it just happened. But my situation is different - I came to USA for a working holiday, met my future husband, and stayed here. I want to say that I am very happy, even if my husband is 24 years older than me. Also I want to say that if a wife is much younger than her husband, it does not necessarily mean that if she wants entertainment dancing, parties etc , she will tire her spouse to death. Everything depends on the man - if HE also wants to have fun. Sometimes my husband surprises me with his energy and ability to have a good time.

Now I have problems with my citizenship, and a little bit home sick, miss my family and friends, but this is NOTHING comparing to the happiness of being in love. All problems are shading away. When I just came to US, I saw a phrase on the wall of the house of my new friends:. Thank you Olga. Just want to send a letter to say that my wife told me about this site, and I read some of it, and I want to say that I enjoyed it. My wife, Olga - is a very beautiful, intelligent, fun, exciting and wonderful woman and every day that goes by I realize more and more that I made the right decision when I asked her to be my wife, She has given me so much, that to try to say it here would be almost impossible.

I would also like to say that I had never thought that I would some day want to visit Russia but now I do, just to meet a family that I have not met yet but have come to like very much through letters and phone calls even if I don't understand what they are saying so with any luck we will get there some day soon. Olga's Husband Mike U. A Russian woman on Russian women Home Page - brief overlook of the site, comments, news and forthcoming additions.

About Russia - top-page of the section. Inside this section you will find basic information about Russia, Russians, traveling to Russia and Russian-English phrase book. We will provide a link back to your website in the article. Advice on your personal situation in relationship with a Russian woman - what to do if you don't know what to do.

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Agencies in the international dating industry - local service vs. Affiliate program - for dating and matchmaking websites. Earn cash with Russian brides cyber guide affiliate program - make money easy with your dating or matchmaking service. Affiliate program: Links - Most recommended links are photo links. It links to Weekly Ladies Catalogue. So we highly recommend you using photo-links. The photos will be updated automatically, and you will display new faces every week. Anti-Scam - Links to all Anti-Scam services. Anti-Scam Guide - practical guidance on avoiding heartbreak in your search for a Russian wife.

Fact or Fiction? Russian brides were men! You can't buy Love! Happiness - the Ultimate Egoism? How to Stop Terrorism - By Dr. Noel Swanson. Wheatle My personal experience of finding a Russian wife Our lives changed in seconds Question An amazing true-life story of Tanya and Chris. Even a cynical guy like me can find true love on the Internet! Story An amazing true-life story of Tanya and Chris. Family first and all else is a gift - A true-life story from George I came to realize that wishes indeed come true - a story of Tom and Taya I will learn Russian for you If Kharkiv was not so cold and boring, I would not be married today!

Rychkova USA. Looking for your True Love in Russia? There is no need to re-invent the wheel! A true-life story of Rainer: Married 10 years - By Alan. I stole her heart - A true-life story from Claude. Why American women are loosing their eligible men to Russian women - True-life story about Kevin and Elena. Worth knowing about ladies from restricted towns What is Love? Love or Need for Security? Love, Pleasure or Affirmation? Selfless Love for Specific Person?

Why didn't I think of it? What were you expecting? Background checks - Links to all background check services. Basic information about Russia - geography, population, economy history and the state. Black List of Russian Dating Agencies - reports on international dating scams and techniques used by matrimonial con-artists.

Last month updates to the Black List Alphabetical archive of reported scammers Internet thieves What to do if I have been scammed? How to add your my story to the Black List? Where and whom can I ask scam related questions, or find out about an agency or a girl? How can I support the Black List? Counseling - Marriage Counseling for International couples Russian women - foreign men. Premarital consultations and tests. By qualified psychologist Elena Woodhouse. Customer Support - Fill in your queries in the customer support form.

Russian Bride Cyber Guide' members only. Dating - Belarus - Links to Belarus dating agencies. Dating - Free - Links to Free dating agencies. Dating - Other Countries - Links to other countries dating agencies. Dating - Russia - Links to Russia dating agencies.

Dating Scams - The real picture of international introduction industry. Dating - Ukraine - Links to Ukraine dating agencies. Elena's Models - Russian girls of model quality. Find your ideal match and read the FAQ's. English-Russian Phrase-Book - learning essential Russian phrase and words. Why Russian women seek husbands abroad? Are Russian women's personalities different from American women?

Are Russian women interested in living in any other countries apart from America? Seems most of the ladies are only interested in USA. I would like to write to some Russian ladies but I am not out to look for a wife immediately, rather a friend first and then see what happens. Do ladies expect more?

Can Russian women speak English? What kind of a sense of humor do Russian women generally have? The source for this tune, Lyman Enloe , was originally from Miller County, in the Missouri Ozark region, and this was one of his favourite tunes. T:Oklahoma Redbird. S:Lyman Enloe. USA, southwestern U. The tune appears in Gems of the Ballroom c. T:Oklahoma Rooster, The. Z:Transcribed by Bruce Thomson. USA; Ozarks, Oklahoma.

Source for notated version: J. Price Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma [Thede]. Thede The Fiddle Book , ; pg. Old-Time, Breakdwon. USA, Arkansas. We offer a variety of quality research-based materials including resource books, skill-based workbooks and emergent readers with correlating read-along audio books that build skills in phonics, reading, writing, math, science, and social studies.

Our offerings strive to combine the highest insights of the East with the practical-mindedness of the West. Stories that make time stand still for us to live the present. Stories that take the imagination on a journey and help care for our planet, to respect differences, break down barriers and promote peace. Stories that do not leave you indifferent, stories that lift you up. Cuento de Luz respects the environment and contributes to the protection of nature through eco-friendly publishing practices.

Representatives: founder and managing editor: Ana A. Representatives: U. Representatives: publisher: David R. Godine; marketing director: Sue Ramin; sales manager: Morgan Hubbard. Representatives: creative manager: Michelle Corpora; media manager: Joanna Schneier. Representatives: publisher: Robert L. Jakes, and Creflo Dollar, plus other fiction and nonfiction. Center Street publishes a variety of categories in the general market, including self-help, health and fitness, nutrition, motivation, leadership, memoirs, and fiction.

The press also publishes the Empire State Editions imprint with books focusing on the New York region. We represent literary fiction, high-quality commercial fiction, and serious, often controversial nonfiction, and have a particular interest in books with a progressive political orientation.

Ron Hubbard. Representatives: senior v-p sales: Kimberly Catalano; v-p sales : Juliet Wills; retail sales manager: Sarah Caruso-Toth; library sales manager: Mitch Breuer; v-p, international publishing: Claude Sandoz. Representatives: publisher: Kara Kirk; editor-in-chief: Robert T. Flynn; acting sales and marketing manager: Melissa Crowley; rights manager: Leslie Rollins.

Representatives: director of sales and marketing: Rick Markell; publisher: Mo Cohen. Representatives: director, field and special sales: James M. Naccarato; director of marketing and sales: Max Phelps; vice-president of sales: Chris Grimm; manager, distribution services: Andrea Jacobs; library specialist: Cynthia Robbins. Good Books also specializes in books about Amish and Mennonite life and thought.

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Representatives: director and publisher: Fiona McCrae; sales and business manager: Leslie Koppenhaver; publicity director: Erin Kottke; marketing and publicity associate: Marisa Atkinson. Over 3, discounted titles in literature, history, art, architecture, philosophy, social sciences, and more. Willow Wilson. Representatives: general manager: Jennifer Lewis; senior. Held annually in Guadalajara, Mexico, the fair attracts nearly 18, book professionals.

This year, the fair will run Nov. First published in , the annual Guinness World Records book has become one of the biggest-selling copyright titles of all time, selling million copies to date in 22 languages and in more than countries. Representatives: senior v-p, global communications: Samantha Fay; senior v-p, the Americas: Peter Harper; sales and product director: Jennifer Gilmour; marketing director: Stuart Claxton. Upcoming work includes the audio edition of the new novel from J.

The company produces more than titles monthly and publishes more than 1, authors from around the world. Bestselling authors include Louise L. Hay, Dr. Wayne W. Weiss, M. Christiane Northrup, and Marianne Williamson. Representatives: director of marketing: Alison Vandenberg; publisher and vice-president: Nick Motu. Distributed to the trade by Workman. HWA also recognizes outstanding works in the horror and dark fantasy field each year through its Bram Stoker Awards program, currently in its 24th year. Representatives: president, HMH trade and reference: Gary Gentel; senior v-p, publisher: Bruce Nichols; senior v-p, director of sales and marketing: Laurie Brown; v-p, executive director of publicity: Lori Glazer.

Ideals Publications is a leading publisher of inspirational and seasonal books for children through several imprints, including CandyCane Press and Williamson Books, and also serves as a distributor for Hinkler Books, Smart Kids and Smart Ink. Representatives: v-p sales: Martin Flanagan; national account manager: Robert Komisar. Arenberg and Robert B. Representatives: vice-president: Kevin Perry; account executive, e-book publishing: John Groton; director, business development: Andrew Malkin; field solutions architect: Todd Ware; program manager, e-books: Derek Young.

Representatives: executive v-p: Anne Kubek; senior v-p, business development: Larry Norton; director, client services: Kelly Peterson; director, business development: Kristin Ellison; manager, client services: John Orofino. Its mission is to promote the teaching of Spanish and to contribute to the advancement of the culture of the Spanish-speaking countries. Representatives: associate publisher: Leyla Moushabeck; publicity director: Moira Megargee; marketing director: Hiltrud Schulz. Representatives: reference publisher: Jason Hook; gift and press publisher: Susan Kelly.

Lorimer is distributed in the U. Representatives: international manager: Peter Smith; managing director: Chris Jolly; marketing manager: Androula Stratton. Its list includes sports, true crime, Civil War, and military history, photography and art, Hemingway studies, and literature and literary criticism. Formats range from illustrated board books and picture books to series nonfiction, novelty, and single-volume reference.

Representatives: associate publisher, director: Brian Buerkle; senior marketing manager: Marina Cambareri; marketing assistant: Summer Ogata. It handles all work processes in the publishing business, enables publishers to highly optimize and automate workflow in editorial, contracts, rights, royalties, production and order to cash. Representatives: executive vice-president of sales: David Wexler; president and publisher: Adam Lerner; vice-president of marketing: Terri Soutor; director of rights, special sales: Maria Kjoeller.

Distributed by Publishers Group West. The Horn Book provides libraries, educators, and parents high-quality information about publishing and books for young people. Michael Connelly signing Wed. Special giveaway: Little, Brown th anniversary tote bags on Tuesday and Wednesday. Norton, Liveright is an adult trade publisher of fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, drama, and poetry. With over seminars and events, 1, international exhibiting companies and 24, publishing professionals, LIBF encompasses the broad spectrum of the publishing industry.

In-booth events: Stan Goldberg signing. Representatives: vice-president of sales, McGraw-Hill: Scott Wilson; director, international rights: Mary Murray; director, global digital sales: Jill Reese; senior director, national accounts: Keith Pfeffer; vice-president, director of sales: Debbie Innie. The house specializes in adventurous fiction both American and continental and in nonfiction exploring the leading edge of contemporary art, belles lettres, filmmaking, performance, music and anthropology. Representatives: v-p, sales and marketing: Betsy Foster; president: Clair Frederick; operations manager: Dayna Carlson.

The Collective Exhibition consists of titles from 25 participating publishers. Featured titles include Cures for Hunger by Deni Y. Starr and Cunningham will be signing books at BEA. Distributed to the trade by Consortium. Representatives: director of marketing and communications: Melissa Schneider; editor: Lauren Manoy; cofounder and publisher: Paul Cohen; cofounder and designer: Georgia Dent. Representatives: trade sales manager: Roger Williams; trade sales rep: Chris Robinette.

MWA will be hosting in-booth signings all day Tuesday and Wednesday. Scheduled to appear: Megan Abbott, James R. We provide sales, marketing, order fulfillment, and credit and collections services. Titles cover a wide variety of subjects, including culture, history, space, science, nature, conservation and sustainability, healthy living, exploration, and travel.

In-booth events: Stan Mack signing. Reviewers, media, booksellers, librarians, and educators, register for free at www. NetGalley is owned by Firebrand Technologies. Representatives: publisher: Ellen Adler; director of publicity: Julie McCarroll; associate publicist: Diana Lee; director, marketing and rights: Samara Klein; sales, marketing, and inventor: Christy Johnson. In-booth events: giveaway copies of Ordinary Sacred by Kent Nerburn. Representatives: marketing and sales Associate: Nick During; publicity director: Jenie Hederman; publisher and marketing director: Linda Hollick; associate publisher: Catherine Tice; advertising director: Lara Frohlich Andersen.

Weekday Times readers can also look forward to daily reviews and regular coverage of authors and publishing and media issues. Faculty and advisory board members are leaders in their fields, who help to ensure that students gain the knowledge, skills, and applied learning necessary to succeed. Representatives: community outreach, communication: Talia Shapiro; community outreach, new media: Kat Engh; associate publisher, managing director: Doug Reil; rights manager: Sarah Serafimidis; senior director of sales: Janet Levin. Representatives: CEO and president: W.

Drake McFeely; publishing director: Jeannie Luciano; vice-president, executive director, publicity: Louise Brockett; vice-president, director of sales: William F. Rusin; director, sales and marketing: Eugenia Pakalik. Created in by actor Lynne Lambert, these NYC Subway themed products have become part of pop culture, worn by celebrities both on and off screen and by others from around the world who love New York City. NYC Subwway Line has recently expanded into tech accessories, creating its first iPad and laptop sleeves, and is also developing covers for e-readers. Bounty Books will present promotional reprint titles for North American and international co-editions.

Yen Press is the graphic novel and manga imprint at Hachette Book Group. Orca Soundings teen novels for reluctant readers, early chapter books, the Holocaust Remembrance series, Orca Currents middle school fiction, Formac First Novels, Sports Stories, and the Deal With It series of conflict resolution guides.. Representatives: manager, online publicity: Terrie Akers; associate publisher: Paul Kozlowski; publisher: Judith Gurewich; publicity director: Sarah Reidy; director of subsidiary rights: Carol Lazare.

OverDrive is a leader in multichannel digital distribution, helping traditional publishers achieve digital goals. Representatives: associate director, marketing: Michelle Fitzgerald; editorial director: Karen Wolny; sales director: Lorraine Keelan. The forms of expression used include interactive art, games, refrigerator magnets, comic books, place mats, clothing, etc. Services include cataloguing, key account sales presentation, accounts receivable, and sales reporting. Representatives: publisher: Margaret Quinlin; subsidiary rights director: Farah Gehy; senior publicist: Melissa Bloomfield.

In addition, Penguin is a publisher of audio books as well as a manufacturer of Penguin merchandise. Representatives: publisher: Stephen Morrison; v-p, sales and marketing: Darin Keesler; executive director of publicity: James Meader; senior editor: David Rogers. Representatives: publisher and author: Vell Sweeny; exhibits manager and publicity: Liz Sweeny; business and finance director: John Sweeny; technology: Will Sweeny; representative: Larry Gianola. Killoran; director of marketing: Amanda Smythe; development director: Nicolay Siclunov.

Representatives: subsidiary rights manager: Shaquona Crews; digital sales director: Priscilla Treadwell. Pyr, an imprint of Prometheus, publishes literary works of science fiction and fantasy. Trade and Investment, is offering visiting U. The weekly print magazine includes reviews, news, analysis, and features. PW Daily is a daily e-mail newsletter that covers breaking news events, while the Publishers Weekly Web site contains a plethora of information on all aspects of the industry.

Post your books, manuscripts and sample work, and browse other available works. Now translated into 11 languages. The company is in the business of helping publishers and distributors to publish and distribute e-books in the most cost-effective manner from their own custom-branded Web store.

Adult nonfiction: spirituality, Western esotericism, new science, consciousness, world religions, alternative health and personal growth.

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Representatives: president and publisher: David Borgenicht; senior director of sales: Moneka Hewlett; manager, licensing and subrights: Mia Amato. In-booth events: All the authors above will be doing signings in the booth, as will Karin Slaughter and Victor LaValle. Representatives: president and publisher: Harold Clarke; v-p, associate publisher: Rosanne McManus; creative director: Julia Sabbagh; v-p, director, sales and marketing: Stacey Ashton; assistant director, marketing: Veronica Gonzalez. Over 10, titles are available for adults, children, and young adults in all formats, including digital download through OneClickdigital.

Representatives: publisher: Mark E. Red Rock will host a cocktails and cookies tasting on Wed. Regnery is distributed by Perseus. Representatives: president and publisher: Marji Ross; marketing director: Jeanne Crotty. As world authority on the unbelievable, the company offers its archives of the strange and unusual through books, television shows, tourist attractions, merchandise, a motion picture, and the worldwide syndication of its daily newspaper cartoon.

Universe Publishing publishes exciting visual books on a variety of popular and cutting-edge subjects. This is the 50th anniversary season of the Mets. Corwin Press is the premier publisher of professional learning resources for pre-k—12 educators. CQ Press is the leading publisher of books and directories on American politics, federal and state government, American institutions, campaigns and elections, current events, and world affairs.

Writing for Change is for nonfiction writers who want their writing to succeed. Representatives: general manager: Victor Duran; sales and marketing manager: Gabriel Wilmoth; editorial: Molly Maguire. Schiffer has been in business for 37 years and currently has over titles in print, with roughly new releases per year across various areas of special interest. Representatives: president: Pete N. Scholastic has created products and services that educate, entertain, and motivate children and are designed to help enlarge their understanding of the world around them. Representatives: president, trade publishing: Ellie Berger; v-p of sales: Alan Smagler; v-p of marketing: Stacy Lellos; v-p of publicity: Tracy van Straaten; v-p and group publisher, trade: Lori Benton.

Levine Books. School Zone continues to offer a full line of educational materials for parents, teachers, and children. Anatomical models and custom publishing programs are also available. Paula Bloom, and Maryjane Fahey. In , Shadow Mountain introduced its Proper Romance brand for romance novels. A variety of short to medium-run printing options sheetfed and web offset, and Digital Print Advantage allows customers to sell more books by printing any quantity required.

File conversion to popular e-book formats and a variety of e-book distribution options are available. Silvermine specializes in non-U. In-booth signings: Jennifer Weiner signing Tues. With dozens of sales representatives in the U. Representatives: president and associate publisher: Cheryl Woodruff; publicity and marketing director: Leshelle Sargent; editorial and design: Thomas Louie. The Soho Crime imprint focuses on procedurals set in exotic locales. Sounds True is the exclusive distributor of the Relaxation Company. Sourcebooks publishes over new titles each year, and have racked up 28 New York Times bestsellers.