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The time is divided by the Vedic astrology in five fundamental parts that together are known as Panchang. The Vedic astrologers make use of Panchang in order to judge the auspiciousness for time. For the people of Hindu community and the astrologers, one of the most popular reference manual is daily panchang so as to determine the auspicious festivals, timings, vrats etc based on the planetary position on the day. Daily panchang is also in Vedic astrology to calculate the vedic birth chart of a person. Read More. The equivalent of Vedic astrology of horoscope matching for marriage is Kundli Matching.

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The most important factor in Hindu societies that is taken into consideration is Kundli Matching while moving ahead with a marriage proposal. Arranged marriages are common in Hindu societies and therefore kundli matching of the prospective groom and bride are considered important in order to know as how the marriage will be influenced by the stars and to ensure marital bliss, what important remedial measures are to be taken.

The birth details of the girl and boy are taken for the purpose of kundli matching and results are provided by calculating compatibility out of 36 points. The study of numbers, their symbolic significance and language is termed as Numerology.


There are own vibratory influence and own vibration of each number in numerology. Yes, just like the Siamese twins are the numbers and names and there is a vibratory and definite number for every letter of alphabet from A to Z in numerology. A great deal about purpose in life, character, where talents lie and what motivates in life are shown by numerology. One of the most exotic and beautiful minerals with elegant color and appearance are gemstones.

Scientifically, gemstones have influence on our heart, mind as well as the whole body. On the basis of your horoscope, gemstones are recommended in Vedic astrology.

Some Crabs could make their relationships official or finally get the quality time to connect. Give those special people your undivided attention. Got an idea for a shared business venture?

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Sit down over leftovers or meet for lunch and explore the idea of teaming up. With all this dynamic-duo energy in the stars, who knows WHAT you could create together?

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You need to get rid of the mental and physical clutter to free up bandwidth and build up the physical energy for the indoor fireworks that await you later this month—and through the rest of the year! No dreary decor for you, Crab! This is a time for self-care and other health-directed choices. Couples may be inspired to get in shape together or bond on a deeper level over a home project that blends both of your tastes and talents. Minding the details can bring even more integrity to your relationship. Passionate Mars is making its biennial visit to Libra and your foundational fourth house until November This can ratchet up your emotions, making you more thin-skinned and sensitive than usual.

Catch yourself before you let any knee-jerk reactions hijack your better judgment. Luckily, this cycle also brings a strong surge of heart-centered energy. Cupid arrives in the second half of the month, bedecked in holiday lights and carrying a bushel of mistletoe. On November 19, lusty Mars blasts into Scorpio and your passionate, pleasure-seeking fifth house until January 3. A simmering connection can heat up, and solid couples will want to dress up and have frisky fun together.

The festive season will be colored by your strong emotions, and your magnetism and sex appeal will be off the charts! Single Crabs will be feeling extra feisty and in the mood for love. Seek with sincerity and you will find! Flirt and laugh up a storm and shoot a few sultry gazes across the room. For some Cancers, a holiday-timed proposal or another major step will be as much in the air as the cinnamon-scented candles.

Breathe it in! Probably not, thanks to a simmering brew of tension between these two charged-up planets in your interpersonal houses.

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Bite thy tongue! The Sun is flitting through Scorpio and your playful, decadent fifth house until November Redesign your business cards or get some glam headshots taken for your business profiles. Catch up on a few episodes of Snowfall or head to a museum for artistic inspo. Brilliant ideas will hatch! That could also be a welcome distraction from Mercury retrograde, a tricky transit that can foil communication, technology and travel.

It can also put a damper on your most passionate projects. Stay focused and allow a daily discipline to guide you through. Feeling uninspired about a passion project? Remember why you started in the first place. How about setting up a home office? Go-getter Mars is in Libra and your domestic zone until November 19, a great time to really spruce your roost and make it into a revenue-generating heat zone.

A jade plant known as a money tree in Feng Shui circles symbolizes prosperity—and we could all use some of that! Heads up: There could be stress with roommates or family members who share your space. After the 19th, Mars zooms into Scorpio and heats up your festive fifth house for the rest of the year. Shake off those shut-in vibes and hit the holiday party circuit with networking top of mind! Instagram your fab outfits—and be sure to tag the new and well-connected friends you meet over Kobe sliders and eggnog shots.

Productivity kicks on in November 22 when the Sun marches into Sagittarius and your sixth house of systems, wellness and efficiency. Starting a new project plan gets a special boost from the November 26 Sagittarius new moon.


Spend some time mapping out budgets, schedules and action steps. What goals would you like to hit by the start of the year? Key Dates: November Mercury-Neptune trine Set aside the drudge work and devote as much of the day as possible to brainstorming and creative experimentation. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The 25 It-Coats of Winter. Shop ELLE.

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