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Planetary Love Revelation. Planets in astrology have some degree of influence over every Zodiac Sign and it is said to have a strong impa In your love life you are always interested to know the depth of love that you both have so that you both are Love Numerology. Every relationship has specific importance in your life.

But some time all relationship does not have a good c Love Tester Game. Is your relationship still now friendly, just love or is it igniting towards marriage? Love Tester Game is a l Dating Astrology. Are you wondering which zodiac sign will click perfectly with your sign and how should you impress your partne Eros Love. It reveals ab Love Cat. The Love Cat tool not only tries to take a look into the future of your love but also forecast about your emot Love Astrology.

Have you ever noticed that you tend to behave differently when you are in any relationship or in love or getti Heartbreaker Zodiac. In love, compatibility is the most important thing but it is not possible all the time. Depending on the situa Read Free Articles. R American Red Cross, Egypt. Director as a Internatioanl Yoga Academy , Rishikesh. Pauri Garhwal w. Worked as a Guest Teacher to teach M. Srinagar for one week during Nov. Yoga in Pt.

College, Rishikesh for two weeks during Mar. Worked as a Yoga Teacher in Govt. College, New Tehri from Interests :? Participated in 2nd International Conference on Psychotherapy, Yoga and Spirituality and presented paper on Nov. Uttaranchal as a Judge on Dec. Gold Meddle. Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur Bihar as a Captain on Uttaranchal Winnerup as a Vice Captain on College, Rishikesh. Uttaranchal Runnerup as a Captain on 11th Oct.

Uttaranchal Winnerup on Nagar , Uttaranchal. Dehradun, Dec. My name is Amita Tanwar. I have completed my hour Master level teacher training in pranayama, meditation and hatha yoga from Sri Ma International School of Transformational yoga I started yoga when i was 10 years old and have been doing my own personal practice for 18 years now. I have done a live yoga show at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi and have also participated in national and international yoga championships India.

As a result, I achieved Gold and Silver medals. Yoga is my passion. I have now been teaching for 8 years including - kids yoga, Power yoga, Traditional yoga, Artistic hath yoga and Advanced yoga. My work experience includes teaching at forties hospitals , reebok india, Radission Blue Hotel, Muthoot group ,danik bhasker ,delhi university ,fitness first etc. Yogi Dr. Together with his parents Dr.

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Rakesh Agarwal and Dr. Neelam Agarwal they run the famous ayurvedic treatment center Arogyadham in Muzaffarnagar between Delhi and Rishikesh , India. Published in Hindi the magazine is read worldwide with regular contributions from Yogi ji. Amrit Raj has been featured onrelaxdoc. Outside India he provides spiritual retreats and Yoga Camps only whereas in India he provides spiritual and Ayurvedic lifestyle consultations at Arogyadham Center.

Sanjeev Tyagi Contact No. Running the short term yoga courses and yoga classes affiliated from Yoga Alliance International. Trained the yoga trainers and working with more than thirty teachers. In past, had worked with day and boarding schools as a physical and yoga teacher. Conducting yoga programs, yoga workshops, Yoga shows, Yoga camps, Yoga retreat and dealing with schools, Colleges, Clubs, Medical and Corporate Sector. Contact No. In Zoology B. Conducted workshops for teachers and parents in various schools. Capable of absorbing new information, learning quickly and making a significant contribution in the field of Yoga.

I was born in Santiago de Chile, being the fifth child of a loving family. Before I was conceived my mother was told she couldn't have any more children, and so, she said to God "If you send him, you will take care of him". Before being born I was already connected to the spiritual forces of life. As I grew up, I got away from the spiritual path, developing a strong self being. In life stopped making sense to me the way I was living it.

I knew it couldn't be so shallow and empty. I wanted something more, and so, I started chasing a different path. In I dropped out of Marketing engineering and begun connecting to my true self. In I became a personal trainer, understanding the importance of having a healthy body for life. In I became an Ontologic Coach understanding the importance of purifying the physical, emotional and mental body to be able to connect and live life from my inner child. Grateful to be a part of Srima School and to have the chance to go deeper and share this amazing knowledge. Matias Kovacevic.

She has written 2 books on Yoga and loves merging philosophy and practice for a Holistic Yoga experience. Transformational Yoga ignites traditional postures by introducing ways to work deeper through mantra and pranayama; activating, purifying and healing ourselves in all layers of being. It has been a revelation to me, advancing my practice in an integrating way. I have loved that it acknowledges all 5 bodies aspects of our human incarnation and incorporates them into practice.

It also celebrates the 5 movements of Prana and actively exercises them with specific Pranayama focus. I have learned fresh ways of experiencing the chakras and the elements that move within them, finding my internal voice and connection with the world around me through mantra and mudra. I have enriched myself with encounters resulting from my travels throughout the world thanks to circus. In search of another communication towards the human being, I found myself in in Madagascar, and passed on my passion to local artists, animators, educators, children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

In , I opened the first social circus school in Madagascar. Initiated in different methods of analysis of the movement, my path combines presentation, representation, staging as well as transmission. My researches of the principles of the alchemical dialogue, sometimes contradictory, are the culmination of a series of attempts Practical, more or less orderly, to find the substance to transform, sensitize, and act concretely and reinvent the body's vision in an open-minded and adaptive manner. It is on this path of life that yoga and meditation have taken their place naturally, to apprehend the world differently every day with the heart.

In full consciousness to purify my mind, express the joy of living. My encounter with Transformational Yoga, developed by Swami Vidyanand gives me the opportunity to have access to other subtle keys to pursue this path. The journey continues! Gratitude email: adpvirginie gmail. Use the knowledge and understanding of yoga for Stress management. Conducted Personality Development Camp for children. Expertise in Advance yoga postures. Expertise in various Mediation Techniques, Pranayama techniques. Counselling Yoga Psychology and counseling. Interacted with patients who come to the Arogyadhama Health home.

Voluntarily participated in International conference on Yoga and Diabetes. The Yoga experience of Gregorio Silvestri started when he was five, his father was his first teacher. Gregorio In , 18 years old after the training course in his father's school, began teaching as a profession. After 10 years of teaching in his father's school, Future Yoga Gregorio took his way and continues his research addressing more and more towards multidisciplinary Yoga that always fascinates him.

At the same time he studied and experimented various other practices of yoga and holistic health practise in Italy and abroad including the ayurvedic massage, applied kinesiology of various types, the Brofman system of body mirror healing, Mantra Mother, EFT Emotional Freedom Technique , Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Energetics, and various energy disciplines of Eastern and Western tradition.

Very useful for everyone as well as for the healers balance. An incredible Integral and integrated Yoga system, complete Gregorio always continues to update himself in studies and update his work, living in never ending learning with Love Gratitude and Respect to all his Teachers, Masters and Gurus. It has been more than two decades that Dr Satya formed Holistic Life Mission to serve large number of people, by giving them a Holistic approach to live a life balanced with Health?

Happiness - Peace and Success. Dr Satya? Dr Satya is a Holistic Healer connected with divine spiritual roots and wishes that Holistic Life should become a part of every Individuals life. Residence training yoga and meditation? Supreme Court Govt. Training given to the officers, faculty members and staff. Training given to officers, Junior Commissioned officers and other Ranks at Dimapur. Training given to Employees including scientist, Technical, Administrative and supporting staff. Training given to Dy.

Directorate of Education Govt. Mussoorie Management Institute, Mussoorrie U. Deen dayal Upadhyaya Hospital, Delhi Govt. Training given to Sr. Doctor including Medical superintendent and staff. Guru Gobind Singh University, Govt. Prem-sukh International charitable trust Regd. International yoga research charitable trust Regd. Manav kalyan Yog va Prakritik chikitsa avam Shiksha Sansthan. Word Academy of Ayurved Regd. Sanskari Santaan? Name Dr. Phil, Ph. Convenor, Examinations Committee. Avdhesh Kumar He is also an advisor and consultant to corporates for yoga related matters.

He along with his team conduct research especially on Stress Management and "Naad Yoga" under the guidance of his Guru - Dr. He strongly believes and advocates making yoga props environment friendly. He does skill development of unemployed people in his area and helps them earn their livelihood meaningfully.

Contact :Mr. Comments are closed. Powered by WordPress and Sliding Door theme. Contact us Swami Vidyanand Chandrashekaran contact yogaalliance. Skip to content. This simple process gives your work recognition and opens you out to the professional world. Visit our web-sites, and get in touch with other like-minded people. Take part in our events, and strengthen your network by interacting directly with people.

Lugovaya Yulianna. Umesh Yogi.

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Nathalie Comas Zabala. Sapna Mukherjee. Arnaud Malatre. Remy Fruteau. Erick Manquez. Andrea Perez. Almogudtha Yoga, Hungary. Ayuryoga Nederland. Facebook gives people the power to share and. Author of a popular Vedic astrology software, researcher, author, Sanskrit scholar , philosopher, Fire Yogi, engineering manager. Boston, USA. Continuing my series of reviews of Telugu Women Kiran Mayee. Kiranmayee Astrologer. Priya Software Research Centre Venkatesh.