Toronto star horoscope december 22

You instinctively know that you need to stay close to home in order to follow through on some of your to-do list for the holidays. Whether it's decorating the house, writing cards or wrapping presents, you feel happiest in your own environment. Tonight: Bake some goodies. This Week: Use Monday and Tuesday to the max for interpersonal matters.

You can make waves and bypass cantankerous people with ease. Your day will not flow until you do just that. Later on, let the fun begin. Tonight: Hang out with a close friend. Your creativity mounts, and you reach a new level of effectiveness. You could be reorganizing and rethinking your holiday gift list. The more you funnel your creativity into your choices, the more your thoughtfulness will be appreciated. Tonight: Make it your treat. This Week: Speak your mind, but do not be surprised if someone ignores you.

You wake up energized and ready to accommodate most people, and you're also ready to have a good time. Someone close to you wants more time with you; make it your pleasure. Refuse to get caught up in a petty discussion that could last awhile. Tonight: Avoid a power play. Do not allow someone else to minimize your plans. You might need a timeout before you can fully experience and embrace the holiday spirit.

Do your best not to lose control of your schedule. You will enjoy the holidays more if you rest up now. Tonight: Not to be found. You can make a difference with a friend, if you so choose. This person will be delighted to be your focal point today. Be more open to the high energy of those around you. Know that you will feel better for the experience of loosening up. Tonight: Go where the action is.

You might want to consider making a change.

You often feel restricted. Consider how you feel, and figure out what you need to do in order to change those feelings.

Do not be fearful of facing an ongoing issue. You will handle it soon enough. Tonight: Go over the possibilities. Your mind sometimes moves too quickly. Consider some of the potential issues and goals that come from your inner thoughts, as they might have tremendous strength and validity. A close loved one could open up the door to a new path.

Tonight: Try a new type of cuisine. You attract the attention of a co-worker or boss. You have all kinds of shopping and errands to do for the holidays. Do not forget a loved one who would love to join you.

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Stop for a hot chocolate or eggnog together. If you are attached, you and your significant other make a major purchase that you both have desired for a while. As a couple, you are emotional spenders. You might want to move away from a heavy work agenda or a difficult associate who is causing you unnecessary problems. Tonight: TGIF with friends! Look at the big picture when making plans. Stay on top of a loved one or a close associate to get through what is necessary.

Read between the lines with an offbeat proposition that heads your way. Be a cynic as you look the idea over. Tonight: Leader of the gang. Reach out to friends at a distance, and spread some holiday cheer. Your calls will be appreciated more than you realize.

Horoscope for Monday, Nov. 4, 12222

Listen to feedback. You might be busy handling last-minute details. Help children get into the Christmas spirit. Tonight: Drop in on a holiday gathering. Remind yourself that you have just a few more days until Christmas arrives.

You even might start giving out some gifts. Reach out to some people you might not see this holiday season. Complete any last-minute shopping. Tonight: Get as much sleep as possible right now. You might have to be at work or handling a work-related issue. However, your mind is already on the last-minute holiday details.

Horoscope for Tuesday, Oct. 22, 12222

Tonight: Others seek you out, no matter where you are. Your thoughts seem to be all over the place at the moment. Have you done what is needed to feel satisfied with the coming holiday celebrations?

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Make sure you complete as much as you can. Tonight: Be in the moment. You might opt to take the day off or work from home. Be willing to adjust your schedule, if need be. Tonight: Drop in on a Christmas party. You might be dealing with lots of calls and unexpected visits. Even if you went to a library, you probably would run into someone you know.

Use home as your base of operations. Make sure you have all the gifts you need.